Good Corporate Governance

We work to preserve business continuity.

Advantages of its implementation:

  • REDUCES COSTS: allows the company to efficiently face management challenges and/or commercial contingencies.

  • PREVENTS LEGAL AND REPUTATIONAL CONTINGENCIES: with the clear delimitation of the roles and responsibilities of shareholders, board of directors, general management, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of the company.

  • ATTRACTS CAPITAL AND FINANCING: The implementation of good corporate governance attracts new financing and investors; attracts customers and suppliers; strengthens the company's reputation; and has a long-term impact on financial results.

  • EXPANDS CUSTOMER BASE: Attracts customers who identify with the company's values; provides added value compared to competitors who do not apply good corporate governance.

  • CONTINUITY OF THE LEGACY AND THE COMPANY'S CONTINUITY IN THE MARKET: The tools of good corporate governance contribute to the permanence of the company in the market and to the maintenance of the founder's legacy.

  • GOAL ACHIEVEMENT ALIEN: Contributes to a transversal interest and effort of shareholders, directors, managers and collaborators to achieve the business strategy and financial goals.

Our Services

  • Advice on the implementation and operation of boards and/or committees, ensuring compliance with applicable legal standards and good governance practices Preparation of board and/or committee bylaws.
  • Training for shareholders, board members, directors, managers and employees in the creation, implementation and operation of boards and/or committees; in the legal obligations and responsibilities of directors, committee members and management.
  • Legal and governance due diligence (BCG). Identifies legal contingencies and determines the existence or non-existence of good corporate governance practices in the management of the business. This includes review of the organization chart of management, committees and board of directors' functions; review of corporate books, drafting of minutes, review of contract formats, correction of contract formats, among others.
  • Remediation recommendations. Implementation of recommendations.
  • Advice on the preparation of shareholders' agreements and amendment of bylaws.
  • Preparation of proxies for participation in the shareholders' meeting; preparation of legal documentation prior to the entry of new investors and/or the company obtaining debt (loans).
  • Legal advice in situations of conflict of interest of shareholders, directors or managers, with the corporate interest (decisions that benefit the company).
  • Advice on the definition of the company's purpose and values, followed by advice on the preparation of the company's Code of Good Corporate Governance.
  • Advice on the execution and practical compliance with the aforementioned code.
  • Advice on the definition of family succession plan criteria.
  • Preparation of the family protocol.
  • Advice on the implementation and operation of the Family Council and the family protocol.


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