Business Administration and Representation

We plan to ensure the success and continuity of the company.

We address to:

  • Companies in internationalization process, that wish to establish a subsidiary, branch office or permanent establishment in Peru.
  • Foreign investors who have decided to acquire shares of Peruvian companies or assets in general.
  • Foreign companies that enter into contracts and/or agreements to be executed in Peru and need representation in the country and administration thereof.

Our services

  • Determine the type of company that best suits the client's needs.

  • Company/corporate structuring.

  • Incorporation and registration of the company/branch with the Peruvian public registry.

  • Tax domicile.

  • Supervise and advise on compliance with all legal obligations incumbent on the company.

  • Comprehensive management of the company's treasury.

  • Opening and regularisation of bank accounts.

  • Signing of contracts and documents related to the operation of the business.

  • Custody of documents.

  • Coordination with accountants.

  • Provide advice and assistance with anti-money laundering requirements.

  • KYC advice and management.

  • Supplier risk assessment, evaluation and monitoring.

  • Company policies, procedures and code of conduct.

  • Regulatory affairs

  • Acting as liquidator.

  • In the preparation of the final settlement / accounts.

  • In the coordination of the entire settlement process.


German Carrera

Germán Carrera

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Luis Mejía
Luis Mejia

Luis Mejia

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Xenia Vizcarra De Schäffler
Xenia Vizcarra De Schä

Xenia Vizcarra De Schäffler

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Eva Figueroa

Eva Figueroa

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Giuseppe Manini
Giuseppe Manini

Giuseppe Manini

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