Intellectual Property

Focused on the protection and promotion of creativity and innovation.

Our practice

We advise our clients for the protection of their intellectual property and the realization of legal actions for the defense against third parties who intend to infringe their rights. In this regard, we provide annual Service Packages to our clients. We provide, together with the tax area, the service of Accreditation of trademark use for tax purposes.

Our consulting services include

  • Trademark registration or renewals.

  • Legal actions in intellectual property matters.

  • Registration of Trademarks, Commercial Names and Commercial Slogans.

  • Registration renewals.

  • Trademark Use Licenses.

  • Actions for infringement of rights.

  • Feasibility analysis.

  • Surveillance, nullity, cancellation and transfer of trademarks.

  • Accreditation of use of Trademarks for tax purposes.

  • Copyright registration.


Xenia Vizcarra De Schäffler
Xenia Vizcarra From Schä

Xenia Vizcarra De Schäffler

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Victor Bosleman

Victor Bosleman

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