Corporate Social Responsibility

Our clients will be able to establish and comply with sustainability parameters, commitments to the environment, the development of their collaborators and the community.

Our practice

CPB lawyers can help companies integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into their operations, mitigate legal risks and strengthen their reputation in terms of sustainability and business ethics.

Our consulting services include

  • Review of current policies and practices to assess compliance with ethical and social responsibility standards.
  • Identification of legal risks related to CSR.
  • Development of codes of ethics and conduct for employees, managers and suppliers.
  • Advice on the implementation and effective communication of these codes.
  • Training programs for employees on topics related to CSR and regulatory compliance.
  • Assessment of legal risks associated with social and environmental aspects in commercial transactions and acquisitions.
  • Advice on local and international laws and regulations related to CSR.
  • Implementation of programs to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Advice on conflict management with stakeholders, such as local communities or environmental groups.
  • Assistance in the preparation of sustainability reports and disclosure of non-financial information.
  • Legal representation in litigation cases related to social and environmental responsibility.
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts to ensure ethical and sustainable business practices with suppliers and business partners.
  • Development of tools and processes to assess the social impact of business operations.


Mario Pinatte

Mario Pinatte

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Pía Iparraguirre

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