Present at each stage of the employment relationship.

Our practice

Our immigration team provides advice on obtaining business visas, provisional and permanent residency, changes in immigration status, permits to sign contracts, travel permits, family calls and the entire process of hiring foreign and Andean migrant personnel.

With respect to the hiring of foreign personnel, this includes the preparation of the necessary documents and procedures with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion, the General Directorate of Migration and Naturalization, as well as with INTERPOL to obtain work visas.

Our Services

  • Type of visa and immigration status for which they must opt,

  • Obligations and rights corresponding to foreign personnel.

  • Obtaining temporary and resident visas, changes of visa class, changes of immigration status.

  • Permits to sign contracts, travel permits, and in the whole process of hiring foreign personnel, Andean migrants and persons eligible for the Peru-Argentina and Mercosur agreements, including the preparation and presentation of the employment contract before the Labor Administrative Authority.

  • Tax advice regarding foreign personnel, applying the agreements that may exist with other countries.

  • Migrations of residence, and the annual payment of the foreigner's tax.

  • Family reunification of foreign personnel, advising on the documentation and procedures to be carried out at the immigration office for the processing of the migratory status for family reunification.

  • Appropriate options for terminating foreign personnel,

  • Arrangements to be made with the Private Pension Fund for the transfer of funds abroad.

  • We advise the employee on how to obtain and certify documents from Peruvian authorities or officials to be used abroad.

  • Acting as liquidator.

  • In the preparation of the settlement / final accounts.

  • In the coordination of the entire liquidation process.


Mario Pinatte
Mario Pinattempinatte@cpb-abogados.com.pe

Mario Pinatte


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Cynthia Rojas
Cynthia Rojascrojas@cpb-abogados.com.pe

Cynthia Rojas


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Lucia Tello
Lucia Telloltello@cpb-abogados.com.pe

Lucia Tello


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Lucero Erazo
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Lucero Erazo


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