White-Collar Crime

Counseling White-Collar Crime preventive & procedural advice White-Collar Crime

Our practice

We manage criminal risks in a preventive manner, analyzing the operations and actions of our clients, identifying the criminal contingencies that may arise within their activity, ensuring compliance with regulations in order to avoid future criminal liabilities for the company and its representatives.

In the area of procedural defense, we assume the defense White-Collar Crime of individuals, legal entities and their representatives, providing ongoing advice and developing the theory of the case, as well as the defense strategy to face the charges filed or becoming a Civil Party against the damages that may arise from criminal acts committed against the company and / or the client.

Our consulting services

  • We provide advisory services White-Collar Crime preventive and procedural defense, specializing in economic and corporate law White-Collar Crime , in the areas of tax, customs, environmental, financial, banking, computer, competition, protection of intellectual property rights, protection of industrial rights, patrimonial, medical malpractice, as well as reckless crimes, among others.


Mario Pinatte
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Mario Pinatte


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Pia Iparraguirre
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Pía Iparraguirre


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Lucero Erazo
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Lucero Erazo


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